Our contextual response to the urban setting is for the National Concert Hall to be conceived as one with the City and the Park. The conscious insertion of the building in the peaceful and tranquil natural park setting therefore is to complement the popular Taurus Hill pedestrian climb, to allow the enjoyment of the magnificent views of Vilnius, by creating the enhanced belvedere and the formation of the main entrance before the top of the hill itself.

Moreover, the building’s symmetrical placement about the compositional axis leading from Luikiskiu Square ensures that the building is perceived as a constituent part of the overall existing urban fabric. The entrance location from within the hill itself ensures the embedment to the landscape: by lowering the public plaza, the upper terrace of the hill becomes the podium of the building, allowing the experience of the park to flow inside. This sense of place is further enhanced by the constant discovery of the various functions throughout the height of the building and onto the terraces to enjoy the vistas. The horizontal and vertical connection with the city is sealed in this way.

The building facades are intentionally translucent allowing enough transparency to let the light flow through the building during the day and allowing light to emanate from the building at night. A seamless integration of the hall through an almost breathable entity. The morphology of the building is then a fluted façade which further reinforces the musical temple residing within, evoking classical architecture tones in a bold contemporary language.



Client: Vilnius City Municipal Administration

Use: Concert Hall

Budget: €52,000,000

Status: Open One Stage International Design Competition



Architect: LUCA POIAN FORMS with Carlo Damiani

Advisors: Soluxn Ltd (Structures), Luciano Preci (Façades), Ing. Alberto Asquini (Acoustics), Studio Ing. Giandomenico Merlo (MEP)

Images: Filippo Bolognese Images