“A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.”

Louis Kahn

LUCA POIAN FORMS is a research-based architectural design studio focusing on the relationship between form, materiality and construction methods.

Based on the belief that within the evolving context of contemporary culture architecture has gradually lost its purpose of elevating humankind, we work at the intersection of culture and innovation in search of a spiritual understanding of form and materials which goes deeper than simply constructing buildings.

Our ultimate goal is to create spaces that are both highly functional and spiritually uplifting. We refrain from short-lived fashions and aspire to deliver timeless and environmentally conscious buildings.

Luca Poian

Luca Poian studied at the Technical University in Vienna and at the Venice University of Architecture (IUAV), where he graduated with Honors in 2003.

Prior to starting LUCA POIAN FORMS, Luca worked at FOSTER + PARTNERS in London. In 2009 he was relocated to Abu Dhabi to work as site architect on two of the most prestigious projects in the UAE: the Zayed National Museum on Saadiyat Island and the Masdar University, the corner stone development of the Masdar city masterplan, an Abu Dhabi Government initiative to build the most sustainable city in the world. Since 2016 he is part of the leadership group at SOM, working on a wide range of projects in Europe and in the Middle East.

In 2004 Luca Poian was tutor at the Venice University of Architecture and in 2007 he was invited as visiting critic at the Graz Technical University. His work has been widely published and has received several awards and recognitions internationally. He is a fully qualified architect registered both in Italy and in the UK.

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