The program features a pavilion composition consisting in five independent buildings, arranged in such way as to provide a broad esplanade along the bay to the east of the complex.
All modules employ the same structural and construction system, based on large prefabricated parts designed according to standard container sizes. Larger parts result in quicker assembly and ensure factory standard finishes.
The structure is composed of transverse elliptical ring beams of glued wood, whilst an outer GRP/PIR composite skin envelops the building providing adequate thermal insulation. Large horizontal shafts located in floor and ceilings ensure easy installation and maintenance of all supply systems.
The aerodynamic shape of the modules results in optimal performance in the face of strong winds and prevents snow accumulation on the top of the buildings. The modules are elevated from the ground to allow the passage of wind and defrost water.


Use: Scientific Station Facility
Budget: 72 milions BRL
Bldg. Surface: 3,200 m2
Sructure: Composite
Status: International design competition


Architect: LUCA POIAN FORMS, Fabiano Friedrich, Magg Design, Planejar Arquitetura e Planejamento Ltda
Structures and Construction System: Alessandro Visintin
MEP, Environmental Strategy: Studio Ing. Giandomenico Merlo